Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Smile at the Sun

As I was leaving yoga this weekend, my instructor said, "If the sun is shining, smile at it and it will come back."

Sunday was one of those perfect Chicago summer days. They can be a rare treat.

It was one of those days when everyone grabs the grill and heads to the beach park for a picnic. Vendors pushing ice-cream carts hawk their goodies. Dogs are freed from their leashes to prance about the grass. The soccer and softball fields are teeming with players of all ages. Runners seize the opportunity for a lakefront jaunt. Bicyclists do the same, trying to dodge pedestrians on the way. Walkers relishing the weather smile at passers-by.

I smiled back, and then I remembered the most important smile I needed to return.

 I smiled at the sun.