Wednesday, August 5, 2015

August Minimalism Challenge

Challenge via

I came across this 30-day minimalism challenge from Into Mind while reading the alyssagoesbang blog recently. The goal is to live a simpler, more intentional life. If that intrigues you, give it a try and let me know how it went. Some of these are going to be extremely difficult, but I'm going to try. (These tasks can be done in any order, as long as none is skipped.)

Accomplished so far

Unfollow and unfriend. I do this regularly, but I took some time to go through my timeline and unfollow people who don't post what I deemed to be relevant or interesting information. On Facebook, I unfriended people I haven't spoken to in years, though I had already done this recently. I also hid some people I remain friends with from my news feed so that I don't regularly see their negative or excessive posts.

Streamline your reading list. This one was easy because I haven't been doing much reading outside of work. I find that I do so much reading during the day that I don't want to spend more time on that activity. Perhaps I'll do more reading for pleasure during the winter.

Turn off notifications. I had already turned off Facebook notifications, but I also stopped Instagram and Twitter alerts on my phone. I am keeping Gmail notifications on my main account for now because I sometimes need to answer emails quickly.

Clean out your closet. This item has been in progress since the move to Chicago. I donated and sold a bunch of clothes during the packing process. In the past two weeks, I've also sold some clothing items on eBay and have a couple more listed. I plan to list at least three more items, though my closet is looking pretty lean.

That's four down, 26 to go!