Monday, August 17, 2015

Glenwood Avenue Arts Fest 2015

Seeking to find artwork for our abundant bare wall space, Graham and I walked over to the Glenwood Ave. Arts Fest in our Rogers Park neighborhood on Sunday.

The farmers market was held next to the fest, creating one big walkable marketplace. One of the first booths to catch our eye was Anastasia Mak's. We were drawn to her vibrant pieces, many of which were of Chicago landmarks. We made our way around the entire fest before deciding we wanted to buy a print for my office. I also walked away with a print of a turtle from Bala Thiagarajan and a homemade body wash in a Raspberry scent. I wished I could have bought something from every artist.

A sangria slushie took my mind off the humidity for just a little while. I wanted more, especially with Graham stealing sips of mine.

The murals of Rogers Park complemented the event.

Besides the food vendors, Heartland Cafe was a Sunday brunch option. I've been wanting to try it for weeks.

The Sunday farmers market was to the east of the train tracks.

On the walk home, we more spotted local restaurants that we'd like to try out, including a Mexican food place. We realized there's still so much of Rogers Park and Chicago we haven't seen.