Wednesday, August 19, 2015

How I Get 10,000 Steps a Day Despite Having a Desk Job

It's tough to get all my steps in as a work-from-home editor. I have found ways to force myself to walk around more and get some exercise, otherwise my Garmin will yell at me --- or vibrate and say "Move!" I don't always hit the 10,000 step mark, but these little steps go a long way:
  • Take the dogs for an extra walk around the block. I take my dogs one at a time for two reasons: 1. I get even more steps in. 2. They are a little too much for me to handle together.
  • Sweep or vacuum. I have to do this often because, as No. 1 mentions, I have two dogs.
  • When I have a break between tasks, I will walk into another room and do a round of exercises. These can be crunches, handstand practice, jumping jacks, pushups or yoga poses. 
  • Find any reason to take the stairs. Take out the trash, check the mail, whatever.
  • Go for a walk or run during my lunch break. 
  • Eat lunch away from my desk. It's not much of a walk, but every step counts.
  • Switch up my work space. I walk to a different room or go to Starbucks or another coffee shop to work. Again, every step counts.
  • Run errands or go to yoga at the studio before or after work. I walk whenever I can. 
It seems I have exhausted my ideas for how to take more steps during my workday. How do you get your steps?