Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Return of Weekly Workout Recaps

Why would anyone care what my weekly workouts are? I don't really think anyone does. But I share them because it keeps me accountable and might help others in some way. Maybe it helps to hear you're not alone in lacking motivation. Or maybe you wonder what it would take to train for a half marathon after getting a late start. That's what I'm doing now. Summer in Chicago has been my excuse to skip a lot of running. I started to get back into it in the past week and a half. Hence, the return of my weekly accountability posts.

Monday: 1 mile. What can I say? I am easing into this half-marathon training.

Tuesday: 1.2 miles.

Wednesday: 3.8-mile group run. Chicago cooled down a bit that day. The breeze felt so nice. I liked running with the group because it sped me up from my turtle-ly slow pace.

Thursday: Nothing. I had every intention of going to yoga at the studio, but I didn't make it.

Friday: 1-hour Hatha yoga class. The class began with meditation and chants to Ganesha, the destroyer of obstacles. We repeated "Om gan ganapataye namaha" three times in a call and response and then three times together as a class. I missed yoga at this particular studio because it has no music and it's not just about a physical workout.

Saturday: 7.6 miles. I've been experiencing some tightness in my right hip that I attribute to not doing enough yoga. I felt that same tightness but alleviate it with some stretching and by taking the run nice and slow.

Sunday: 90-minute vinyasa yoga class. The class wasn't as challenging as I would have liked, but sometimes I need to dial things back a bit. I had a realization during class that I need to let go of my expectations for classes, my practice and in life in general, but I'll share more on that later.


My motivation the last week has been that I don't feel comfortable in my body at the moment. My clothes aren't fitting as well as they used to, and it doesn't help that the few fall clothing purchases I made were too small. I had to return them and get bigger sizes. That was a blow to the ego and a reminder that I need to be more mindful of what I eat and how much exercise I get/steps I take. Let's hope I can keep this motivation going. 

What are your tips for staying motivated to work out?