Thursday, September 17, 2015

A Few More Days of Summer

Last week it felt like summer was over. The temperature dropped enough to put on a denim jacket and booties on Friday night, and I shivered a bit while waiting on the L platform. Fall's arrival is bittersweet for me. It signals the end of a whirlwind season and hints that winter is just around the corner. But right now, fall also holds exciting possibilities for us, for the city. 

Before I can get too enthusiastic about fall, summer is reminding us that it's not ready to leave.
My trusty weather app tells me it's 82 degrees as I write this. 

Graham insisted we go outside to enjoy the beautiful day yesterday. I ran a little over half a mile along the lakefront path as he skateboarded past me. Our aim was to work up enough of a sweat so that we'd be hot enough to jump in the lake. 

We did that — sort of. We stood in the water thigh-deep. It just felt so good. Sometimes we just look around asking ourselves if we really live here. I never imagined I could live this close to a beach. And while I am curious to see what a real fall is like after living in Arizona my whole life, I'm not in a rush to let go of summer. So much time is spent awaiting the next season, holiday, event; but not enough is devoted to relishing the present. There's plenty of time for boots and pumpkin drinks.

I'm loving this one last splash of summer in Chicago.

 * Don't want to spend your beach time snapping photos but want to capture the moment? Set your GoPro or camera on burst shots. It's fun!

Excuse my outfit. As you can see I run in old race T-shirts and whatever shorts I can find.

Love you, summer!
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