Friday, September 4, 2015

RedEye's Chicago Summer 2015 Checklist: How I Did

RedEye published a graphic with 25 things to do in Chicago this summer in June. I hung it up in my office as a reminder to do as many of them as possible in my first summer here. I'm checking in now because Labor Day is the unofficial end of the season, or so I hear. In Phoenix summer didn't end until the end of October.

 I don't want summer to be over here. It felt like it was already cooling down last week, but then this week's been warm and humid again. I'll take it though!

So how did I do on the checklist?

Things I did:

Watch a Cubs of Sox game. I've been to plenty of Cubs games in my time here, but I'd really like to see the Cell, as I've heard it called. 

Drink a frozen cocktail. 

Perch on a rooftop bar. Does the rooftop at Murphy's Bleachers count?

Lounge on the beach. I need more of this.

Devour an ice cream cone. Pete's Pizza on Granville has amazing coffee-flavored gelato.

Shop a farmers market. 

Eat lunch outside.

Hit the lakefront. It's where I run!

Uncork a bottle of bubbly.

Picnic in the park.

Take an outdoor yoga class. (I am doing this tomorrow!)

Try a new local beer. Well, it was a cider because I don't drink beer.

Visit Lincoln Park Zoo.

Hang out in a beer garden. Does Nick's Beer Garden count? I think so.

Eat something on a stick. Ice cream, duh!

Things I might do in September:

Wander a museum.

Traverse the 606.

Stroll the Riverwalk. I have been on cruises and walked near the Riverwalk, but not actually on it. 

Saving for next year: 

Watch movies in the park. I'm pretty sure these are done for the summer.

Host a barbecue. 

Get your greenhouse on (at Lincoln Park Conservatory or Garfield Park Conservatory).

Play bocce. Honestly I am not really interested in this one. I'm saving this for never.

Cruise on the water taxi.

Listen up at Downtown Sound. Again, I think I missed all the dates for these concerts.

Rock out at a music fest. Which one should I go to?!

As for this weekend? On Saturday morning I'll be practicing rooftop yoga at the Godfrey hotel, followed by brunch and a Cubs game with new friends. Sunday will be spent running and going to another Cubs game. Ideally there will be some delicious food consumed as well.

Happy long Labor Day weekend!