Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Rooftop Yoga and Brunch at IO Godfrey

One of the Chicago summer checklist items I was really excited about was rooftop yoga. When I read about rooftop yoga and brunch at the Godfrey Hotel, it sounded like the perfect event. I signed up for the Labor Day weekend class, which I was told would be the last one of the season.

I just had to get a shot of the view on my GoPro before the all-levels flow class.

It was a pretty typical class that catered to people of all experiences with yoga. No music was played; we just practiced to the sounds of the city. For the most part I was able to keep my focus on the practice. At one moment, though, the sound system for the lounge blared on, and the instructor left us in a pose as she walked over to turn it off. It was more amusing than annoying as a student. The forecast the morning of the class was cloudy with a chance of rain, but luckily it only sprinkled.

The class cost $18, which I think is reasonable, and yoga mats were provided. The ad I had seen said the class would be over at 10:45, but this one actually ended at 10:30. It was fine with me because by then I had worked up an appetite.

Brunch, which I was told  would be a light meal of a yogurt parfait, a mimosa and various pastries, was an additional $17 that was paid in advance when I made my reservation. Before brunch was served we were offered free neck massages from a therapist at the Godfrey's spa. I didn't partake in the massages, but I heard rave reviews from my friends.

 Our mimosas and parfaits arrived quickly, but we sat around and waited for the rest of brunch, which never came. I was apparently the only person who was told about the pastries and muffins, because my friend told me that was it; that's what we paid $17 for. Had I known brunch was only a parfait and a mimosa I would have opted out, just because I am not a big fan of parfaits. (I now see that the event flyer did say that's what brunch would be, so whoever told me that there would be more must have been confused.) I would have loved pastries, however. We could have ordered from the menu for an additional cost, but we chose instead to head out.

Overall, I enjoyed my first rooftop yoga experience, despite the less-than-stellar "brunch." I plan to return to the Godfrey for yoga next season, and to the lounge for drinks with friends.

Have you been to the Godfrey? What did you think?