Monday, September 14, 2015

Taylor & Capone Take Montrose Dog Beach

Weekends when Graham doesn't have to work are a blur. We squeeze in as much as we can. This weekend we made time to take Taylor and Capone to their favorite place in Chicago: Montrose Dog Beach.

The dogs know when we are getting ready to leave the apartment, so the excitement begins as we grab their leashes. Capone could not stop squealing.

Montrose is only a few minutes from our place. We suspected it might be crowded and thus tough to find a spot, but it was no trouble at all. I noticed last week that fewer people are out at the lakefront parks. I guess summer really is over. ...

I am a Nervous Nelly when we encounter other dogs, and Taylor and Capone can sense that. It's always nerve-racking the first few minutes we get to the dog beach, but luckily our dogs have never given us cause to worry.

As soon as Capone's leash came off, he bolted. "Welp, we lost him," I said. He loves to chase other dogs. He often runs to the other side of the beach before he realizes he can't see us and hurries back. 

Taylor runs straight to the water. It's her zen. She wants us to throw her ball in the water for her to fetch all day long. She doesn't tire. If you don't throw the ball fast enough, she barks "Hurry up!"

The dogs are always good for a laugh, whether it's when they shake off water directly next to you or when one rams into the back of your knee while playing with another dog. (OK, that actually kind of hurt but it was also funny.)

Coming for me!

View to the north from Montrose Dog Beach.

And he's off!

Just keep swimmin'.

Montrose Dog Beach
Taylor and Capone plot their takeover.
The pups are still worn out, and I am not ready to get back into the workweek. Take us back!

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