Thursday, September 3, 2015

That Spot in Yoga Class

There's a space in yoga class that's always the last to be filled. You know the one I am talking about. It's front and center, facing the instructor.

I prefer to be in the back. I don't want to be noticed. (And I like to be near a wall so I could use it if needed.)

But on Tuesday I was running late. I had to take the dogs out and one of them got into a tiff with another dog. I was rushing to the train when I watched the one I needed to take leave the platform. I waited for the next train, hoping for the best.

I walked into the studio as class was starting, something I hate to do. I tiptoed in, but the wood floors creaked underneath me.  I was one of those latecomers who disrupt the centering portion of class. And I immediately realized I would have to lay my mat down front and center. Grrreat.

It was one of those days. To top it off, my yoga pants were too tight on me. Yes, they are supposed to be tight, but these were a little too snug, like a lot of my clothing right now. I was SURE they would rip during class.

Oh well, I thought. If they rip at least it would be during a yoga class, so I would hope the students would be nice enough to not make fun of me.

I moved into child's pose and started to breath deeply. After a couple of long exhales, most of my worries started to disappear.

I love vinyasa because one-breath-per-movement sequences really take my mind off of everything. As the end of the 75-minute session neared, I realized A.) I had gone the whole class with my pants intact and B.) most people were probably just as into their practice and didn't bother to see what was happening on my mat.

Maybe that center spot isn't as scary as I thought.