Thursday, September 24, 2015

There's Something About Wrigley Field

I spent last weekend at  you guessed it — Wrigley Field. I cheered on the Cubs as they took on the St. Louis Cardinals in what was by far the most exciting baseball game I've watched at Wrigley, and maybe my life.

There's just something so special about baseball games at Wrigley.
That ivy  it's full of secrets. Oh, the stories that scoreboard could tell. That history combined with the buzz surrounding this year's team makes me so grateful that we moved when we did. It feels like we are part of something special with our new city (well, at least the north side).

I'm not going to speculate about how far the Cubs will go. I'll instead appreciate how fun they have been to watch this year.


It was a sea of red, white and blue in the stands. People were on their feet for most of the game, and the crowd erupted in applause after every Cubs play.

Something I wonder: DID SHE SAY YES? At every game you see a proposal on the screen, but the couple is never shown. I just want to know the outcome!

Of course, the seventh-inning stretch is always a highlight. Everyone and their mom has their cellphone out to record it. I look forward to seeing who the conductor will be.

I won't recap the game because this isn't a sports blog, but let's just say things got a little tense. But at the end of the day, the W flag was waving over Wrigley — and in the stands.


Sunday was equally tense. Again the crowd was on its feet. I sat near the cutest 2-year-old who knew all the players last names when quizzed. He was with his perfect little family, all decked out in Cubs gear. It was the epitome of family goals.

Afterward, we watched adorable little kiddos run the bases before trying to escape from the ballpark. The only complaint I have about Wrigley is how difficult it is to get out after the game. Sometimes it's better to just wait as long as possible before trying to leave.

Thanks for the memories, Wrigley and the Cubs!

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