Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Weekly Workout Recap: Sept.14-20

Last week was about fun over working out. Actually, this whole summer has been about play over fitness. I have a half marathon in six days, and I'm really not sure how I'll do. My training has been better than it was for the last race I did in July, despite my general lack of focus. I have no regrets, though, because this has been one of the most memorable summers of my life. Thanks, Chicago!

Monday: 45 minutes of yoga at home. I used Yoga International's "Complete Daily Practice in 40 Minutes class with a few more poses added. Note: This class had no warm-up. I would recommend several rounds of cat/cow, downward-facing dog, low lunges (anjaneyasana) on each side, half splits on each side (at least) before taking this class. Steps: 4,971. 

Tuesday: 1.32-mile run around the neighborhood to force myself out of the house. It was a bit warmer out than I would have liked. Chicago decided to try to be summer for just a bit longer, minus the humidity. Afterward I did some ab work as I watched reality television. Steps: 7,667.

Wednesday: 1 mile run/walk. Graham wanted to run next to the lake and then jump into the water. We made it up to our thighs. It still felt like summer. Steps: 9,540.

Thursday: 1.5 miles. The thunderstorm cut my run short. I had planned speedwork at the track. Steps: 9,896.

Friday: Yoga at home. I tried a Level 3 class from Yoga International. I liked that this class actually offered pigeon variations that I have never been taught in yoga class. If grabbing your big toe and moving into side plank is not in your practice, this class may not be for you. Instead of urdhva dhanurasana a few times I did some crunches. I only did 40 minutes of this 1-hour class. Steps: 7,987.

Saturday: It was a fun but tiring day that consisted of a Cubs game and Farm Aid 30. No other workout except for walking and standing for long periods of time. Steps: 14,852.

Sunday: 3 miles. I was going to skip this until I saw unflattering photos of me that gave me a little motivation to do something active. But then I ate fries and nachos at the ballgame, so ...  Steps: 16,323.

Week's mileage: 6.82. Oops!

#1800MinuteChallenge: 639.


It's time to taper, but I took it a little too slow. I'm loving the cooler weather on my recent runs; it's making it much more fun. Will I devote more time to fitness in the fall? We shall see. I see people training for the Chicago Marathon all the time. It's inspiring, and for a minute I think, "I want to do another marathon." Only for a minute though. I imagine I'll be doing a lot more yoga in the colder months, so I'll need to finally replace my old, worn yoga tops. I'm thinking about adding some color in the workout attire to deviate from the grays and blacks I usually wear. What do you think?
Happy Wednesday, friends!
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