Friday, January 8, 2016

Why I Love "Total Divas"

When the E! reality show "Total Divas" premiered, I was embarrassed to admit I was intrigued. I knew nothing about WWE or its wrestlers. I didn't even know about the Divas division. I watched the first few episodes pretending to hate it, commenting about how fake it was. But the truth was I was hooked.

Why do I love this reality show so much?
  • It shows women kicking ass, even if it is staged. I can appreciate shows about women who work hard in their fields and are successful. I like to see the passion they show for their jobs.
  • I learned things about WWE I never would have otherwise. I had no idea how the storylines came about or how hard the wrestlers train for them. It's fascinating.
  • It showcases Phoenix. I love seeing my city on TV; not many shows are based there. Brie and Daniel live in Phoenix and Nikki often visits. They are shown dining at many local restaurants and looking for fitness studio locations. In fact, one of the fitness sites was in my old neighborhood and I knew exactly where they were looking. I even saw the Bella twins at one of my neighborhood bars when I lived in Phoenix. At the time, I pointed out that they were from the show "Total Divas," but no one around me knew the show. 
  • It's entertaining. The show has its fair share of drama and hilarity. I enjoy the funny moments more than the actual drama, though.
  • It's motivating. When I see the bodies on these wrestlers and how much they work out, it makes me want to get in better shape. It's not usual for me to even do some exercises when I watch the show.

Is there a reality show you are afraid to admit you enjoy?