Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Playlist for When You Want to Get Lost

As I stepped into the line to board the plane to Phoenix on Sunday, I felt anxious, as I often do. My phone decided to stop displaying my boarding pass, so I held up the line while the agent printed one for me. I stepped a few feet away to where the line was stopped again. Behind me was a woman and her husband, and the woman was airing her grievances. Two crying babies were boarding the plane, and she repeatedly stated she would not sit "within 20 feet of those people." She then went on to comment on the size of fellow travelers' carry-on bags, noting she thought they were much too big. How do they get away with it? Her list of complaints grew until I walked out of earshot. I'm sure it continued for the duration of the flight. I was relieved for a moment to get on the plane, until it came time to store my bag. I am only 5 feet tall, so getting my bad in the overhead bin is always a challenge. The man in the seat below the compartment sighed and asked, "Do you need some help?" I politely refused his offer, slid my bag in the compartment upside-down and squeezed into my window seat. The man in the middle seat looked uncomfortable as soon as he sat down. He asked if he could put the arm rest down, and I said "Of course, yeah." He thanked me and then noted how I am "very fit." I gave him an awkward smile and opened the window shade. 

Traveling alone is always nerve-racking and uncomfortable for me. My anxiety about a.) getting to the airport on time b.) getting through airport security c.) finding my gate d.) getting my stuff into the overhead compartment e.) being able to get up to use the restroom and f.) being so close to people is overwhelming. I felt so relieved to finally be up in the air, and semi-relaxed. I lost myself in my thoughts. I even wrote a few words. When my brain needed a rest, I lost myself in music. Today I'm sharing some of my recent favorite tunes. I hope these help you release some of that tension that builds up in stressful or uncomfortable situations. Some of these reference "home" because that's where I was headed.

Have any tunes to recommend? Please share them in the comments!

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