Monday, November 2, 2015

Barley and Brass

I have a confession to make: I'm not into dressing up for Halloween. It's not that I hate it; it's just that I don't feel inspired to spend lots of time and money on a costume. This year I decided I didn't want to dress up. I had last-minute ideas in mind in case I had to wear a costume, but I was relieved to instead have low-key dinner plans with friends in Wicker Park. We checked out Barley and Brass on Division Street, an area I haven't been able to explore much yet. 

I'm a fan of restaurants with unique cocktails, like the Weekend at Bernie's, which is what I ordered. The drink is Jamaican rum, Fernet, honey, pineapple, lime and Nasturtium (whatever that is). I noticed a drink being served at a neighboring table that looked like it had burning sage in it. It was the In the Air Tonight drink that comes with sprigs of rosemary. Bonus points for creativity.

I ordered the beer cheese as an appetizer, but it was delivered along with our entrees. I dined on the corn and black bean salad, while Graham ate spicy wings.

The beer cheese (not pictured), served in a small glass jar, was delicious. I would order it again, along with the Frites D'Fromage: fries, cheese curds and mornay. I would even just order a bunch of the appetizers and bar snacks as a meal. The menu has other vegetarian options as well. I plan to check out more of the menu next time I'm in the area. Also, if you're on Division, go to Caffe Gelato for dessert.  Thank me later.

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