Monday, December 28, 2015

Butcher Jones Recreation Area

Saturday's plan was a hike at Butcher Jones Recreation Area. Taylor and Capone joined us for the mini-adventure, and they took the opportunity to jump in Saguaro Lake to play. You can't keep Taylor out of the water. It's her happy place.

We had originally planned to drive to Sedona or Flagstaff, but it was too cold up north that day. "Why did we come to Arizona for the holidays if we want to be in the snow and wind?" I asked. We will get enough of that back home in Chicago. It was even a bit chilly in the Phoenix area.

The trail was popular that day. It seems everyone wanted to be out in the sun to work off some of that Christmas celebrating. To be honest, I really wanted to stay in bed all day. I felt so off all weekend thanks to all the sugar and lard (tamales) I ate.

At least I was able to test out my new camera lens. Watch a video of the fun on my YouTube channel and subscribe, will ya?

If you go:

I completely forgot to buy a Tonto recreation pass ahead of time, so we had to drive back to Walgreens on Power Road to get one. Save yourself a trip or a ticket by purchasing one on your way there. Also, dogs are not allowed on the beach, but they can join you on the trail. Have fun!

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