Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Getting Workouts in During the Holidays + Runner's World Run Streak Check-In

My goal for the Runner's World Run Streak is to run 37 miles from Thanksgiving to New Year's Eve, and so far I've done about 21. I thought I would have logged 37 miles by now and would finish the Run Streak at more than 50 miles, but I've spent most of this month doing other things, namely catching up with family and friends, going on a road trip, hiking, eating (too much) delicious food, holiday shopping, and watching Christmas movies. Now I have 10 days to hit and hopefully surpass my goal. Wish me luck!

Thoughts about my workouts lately:

  • After 14 sessions at Orangetheory, I've noticed a difference in my endurance, body, running speed and recovery time. After the first few classes, I would be sore for three or four days. Now I can recover in about a day in a half. My push and all-out paces have improved. On a treadmill, my push pace used to be about 5.5-5.8 mph. Now I usually bring my push pace to 6.5 and my all-out has been as high as 7.2 mph (for 30 seconds). Progress.
  • I've been neglecting yoga other than a few poses after Orangetheory classes. I plan to a visit to a yoga studio this week to reconnect with my practice yet again. I can think of no better time to go to a yoga class. Christmas week can be so chaotic; it's such a treat to have an hour to yourself. Focusing on one workout is typical for me; I tend to get really into one type of workout for a while before revisiting others. And lately I've been all about Orangetheory and the results I am seeing. 
  • I'm typically a planner, but this month I haven't been doing it as much. I'm going to re-start my daily to-do list that includes time for running, yoga or Orangetheory. It's a mental trick for me: If I see it on paper, I have to do it. 
  • I'm loving Orangetheory playlists lately. I often wish I had my phone on me during class so I could Shazam my favorite tunes. The instructors play a mix of old and new songs. I love when a song I haven't heard in years comes on and I get really into it as I do my reps. The music makes the workout exponentially more fun. 
  • I tried running outside only a couple of times last week. I started my run, realized how cold I felt and thought, let's try tomorrow. Using the cold as an excuse is lame, I know. I'm heading back outside to close out the Run Streak, and adding some hikes this week. 

How to get workouts in during the holidays:

  • Make it a date. Ask a friend or family member if he or she wants to run, take a class or go on a hike early one morning before the busy day begins. You'll start the day on a positive note.
  • Schedule time for the workout in your calendar. Treat it as you would any other appointment.
  • Reward yourself for your hard work. Give yourself something to look forward to after the workout so you're more likely to do it.
  • Sign up for a holiday run and make it a family affair. You'll make memories with loved ones while working out. Win-win.
  • Take short, regular break from cleaning, work, or cooking to do some squats, pushups, burpees, lunges, crunches, etc.
Stay tuned for my recap after the end of the Runner's World Run Streak. How have you been doing on your workouts?

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