Thursday, December 17, 2015

Victoria's First Time at Phoenix Zoo

I have even more respect for parents after taking my niece to the Phoenix Zoo. I was nervous when we picked my niece up that day. The trip started with Graham and me struggling to properly secure the car seat. It's so important that we wanted to make sure we were doing it correctly. We had to enlist the help of my aunt, who showed us how to do it. Twenty or so minutes later, we were on our way. The next little challenge was the stroller. It kept collapsing on us in the parking lot when we tried to unfold it. We figured it out after a few minutes but not before we caught the attention of passers-by, who I'm sure were thinking we need to get it together. 

After those initial two hurdles, it was smooth sailing. Victoria pointed and smiled at every animal. She seemed to be a little confused about the glass or metal enclosures, but she would say things (in her baby language) to each one. She's so tiny, but she's tall enough to see into the glass.

I loved seeing the smile on her face when she saw a new animal. It warmed my heart.

She's a true pearl, that Victoria.

And of course she had to climb on the alligator.

And wave at the monkeys.

The emus are terrifying. Their red eyes intimidated me, so much so that I took a few steps backward from their enclosure.

 We saw the new tiger exhibit that had been under construction that past couple of times Graham and I visited. We were able to get a close view of the tiger (and snap a few photos).
We had a wonderful time walking around the zoo before the rain hit. Even then Victoria laughed as we ran toward the gift shop, where we picked up a $40 orangutan plush for only $5!

We also saw the baby orangutan, Jiwa, who was born in September. Jiwa was active that day, and Victoria was enchanted.

It was a successful, tantrum-free visit to the zoo that I hope to repeat on a sunnier, warmer day. Have you seen the new tiger exhibit at the Phoenix Zoo?

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