Friday, January 22, 2016

5 Journaling Prompts + A Lovely Notebook

The plane rides to and from Costa Rica gave me lots of time to journal. I even came up with journal prompts of my own. Sometimes I want to journal but I need a prompt to get myself started. Hope these inspire some self-reflection.

  • Think about your travels. What have you learned from them? Was there ever a time you felt uncomfortable? What places are on your list? Who is/are your favorite travel companion(s)? Are you a planner or improviser when it comes to your itinerary? Are you satisfied with the amount of travel you've done? What was the most unexpected experience you've had?
  • List 3-5 words that describe you now. Then make another list of 3-5 words that you would LIKE to describe you in five years. What do you need to do to get there? Is there a difference?
  • Write down one thing that has been troubling you. Set a timer for 2 minutes and write nonstop. List how it makes you feel, what resources can help you, and what the best possible outcome could be, etc.
  • Choose a goal you recently set for yourself. Why is it important to you? List all people, book, classes and other resources that can help you achieve that goal. What's your timeline? 
  • Think about a positive influence in your life. What makes this person special? What qualities does this person possess that you would like to emulate? Have you expressed to this person how inspirational he or she is to you?
Do you journal? What prompts would you suggest for journaling?

I also came across this notebook with artwork by artist Meera Lee Patel. Not only is it beautiful, but a part of the proceeds go toward the building of schools in developing countries. Check it out on Denik's website. Plus, free shipping is being offered through the month of January!, notebook
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Happy journaling!