Thursday, January 7, 2016

Ragnar Challenge, Week 1 + 5 Tips to Keep Your Fitness Resolutions

New year, same me. Which means I am still struggling to curb my junk-food cravings and yet still striving to be a better runner. I am starting things off slowly. It's been a whirlwind the past few weeks with the holidays and traveling, and I'm still feeling off. I'm hoping participating in the 30-Day #RagnarTraining challenge will keep me motivated this month. 

Here's how I did the first week:

Jan. 1: Short, easy hike. I struggled most of the day because of New Year's Eve celebrations, so I'm just glad I made it out the door.
Jan. 2: 1.2-mile hike. I ran for the first half of it, so that's something, right?
Jan. 3: 2.25-mile run.
Jan. 4: Orangetheory class. I like to start on the treadmill first. We did a series of push paces, which I set at 6.4 mph. The longest was three minutes, and we ended with a 45-second all-out run. The floor exercises included knee tucks using the ab dolly, single-leg squats using the CRX straps, and a 400-meter row. 
Jan. 5: Yoga at home for 30 minutes. I've been neglecting my yoga mat but I am determined to get back into it.
Jan. 6: Yoga at home for 35 minutes.
Jan. 7: Orangetheory class with 2ish miles of running on the treadmill.

January mileage so far: 5.16 plus today's Orangetheory mileage.

How to keep your fitness resolutions:

  • Ask a friend to join you on workouts. Everything is more fun with friends!
  • Join a weight loss or body-fat loss challenge. Orangetheory hosts one regularly but you could also organize one with friends and family.
  • Use social media to keep you accountable. Posting your workouts every day or joining a challenge like Ragnar's makes you feel like you must keep going.
  • Write your workouts in on your planner and book classes ahead of time. Usually there are penalties for canceling classes that can motivate you to not back out. (Example: Orangetheory charges you a class if you are a no-show.)
  • Write down reasons for wanting to work out. Why did you join the gym or studio? What did you hope to get out of it? Did you want to look better in a swimsuit? Eat an extra slice of pizza? Did you want more energy to play with your kids? Thinking about the why will inspire you.

Hope these help. How are your fitness goals coming along?

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