Monday, February 8, 2016

Pre-Half-Marathon Training Workout Recap, Jan. 31-Feb. 6

I rocked out workouts every day on the week I resumed my workout recaps. There's something about the beginning of the month and goal-setting that motivates me to work out. Also, I felt guilty about overindulging over the past few weeks, and I want to get in better shape. Highlights of the week included making a new running playlist, signing up for group half-marathon training and breaking in my replacement Brooks running shoes after losing mine in Costa Rica. Please share your workout progress with me — let's keep each other motivated!

Sunday: Orangetheory and 5 minutes of yoga. 1.2-mile sunset walk/hike. I burned 674 calories at Orangetheory.
Monday: Orangetheory and 5 minutes of yoga. My all-out was 7.6 mph for 45 seconds after a 3-minute push. I started on the floor for 15 minutes, then went to treadmill for about 15 to 20, then rower. I burned 499 calories.
Tuesday: 25 minutes of yoga was all I could do at home. This is why I need to get back into the studio: too many distractions and questions while I am trying to meditate. PSA: If you have a yogi in your life, let them practice in peace. The world would be a better place.
Wednesday: Orangetheory plus 5 minutes of yoga. My all-out pace was 7.8 mph (about 7:53), which is my fastest ever! We also did two all-outs on the rower, and my entire body was feeling the burn. My paces were 10:00 minute/mile for base, 8:56 minute pace for push and up to 7:53 for all out on the treadmill. I was proud of my effort on this power day (sorry, not sorry for the humble brag). I burned 671 calories.
Thursday: 30 minutes of yoga. I just free-flowed, doing whatever felt best.
Friday: Orangetheory class. I ran 2.5 miles during the treadmill portion. My all-out wasn't as fast as Wednesday's; I just couldn't do it that day. We repeated 500-meter and 250-meter rows in between sets of floor exercises, so I was feeling the burn again. It was an endurance day and the floor blocks focused on the upper body. We did pikes to knee tucks on the ab dolly, chest presses, pull-ups from bridge using the TRX straps, and lots, lots more. I burned 616 calories.
Saturday: Orangetheory. I should have gone to yoga at the studio instead, but I'm proud of myself for going to five sessions in one week. I took it a little easier because I felt dizzy the night before and that morning. I wondered if it was dehydration, hunger or sleepiness, so I tried everything ti feel better. At least I got a workout in. ... Floor exercises included pull-ups with the TRX strap, V-ups with weights and mountain climbers with a foot on the bench.

February mileage: 9.3 so far.
Yoga: 40 minutes so far.

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