Monday, March 7, 2016

Half-Marathon Training, Week 2

This week I learned that hard work pays off. You may not notice the results right away, but if you stay focused, you will improve. I also realized I need to make changes so that I don't constantly feel overwhelmed. Do you ever feel like you're struggling to keep your head above water? No? Just me? Great. I can say that workouts do wonders for my anxiety when I start to feel hopeless. Don't just find time for workouts, make time. You'll find some relief.

Monday: I took a necessary rest day after two days of tough workouts.
Tuesday: 30 minutes of yoga at home.
Wednesday: Group training for my half-marathon. We started with a warm-up run of about .6 mile, then began our first station, in which we did knee jumps. Then we ran about another .6 mile and went to the next station for side skiers. We ran between each station. Other exercises were squats, lunges, jumping jacks and butt kicks. Our runs totaled 3.6 miles.
Thursday: Orangetheory class included 4 minutes of medicine ball core work. (1-minute toe touches, 1-minute leg lifts, 1-minute single-leg V-ups, and 1-minute sit-ups with ball smash.) I thought it was 5 minutes, but I can't for the life of me remember what the last minute was. Our row-run workout block was the following:
  • Row for 90 seconds, 1-minute push on treadmill and 30-second all-out. 
  • 75-second row, 1-minute push on treadmill and 45-second all-out. 
  • 60-second row,1-minute push on treadmill and 1-minute all-out. 
  • 75-second row, 1-minute push and 45-second all-out. 
  • 90-second row, 1-minute push and 30-second all-out. 
  • End with 1-minute all-out on rower and treadmill.
Friday: I was sore from two days of tough workouts, so I practiced yoga at home with Graham. He let me lead him in about 40 minutes of physical yoga practice, including about a 10-minute savasana with adjustments and music. 
Saturday: 4-mile run. I slept through my group training run so I did a run on my own. My best pace per mile was 9:36. I was happy with that number given that I was running up to 11 minute miles last summer.
Sunday: Orangetheory. I awoke with  a headache, but I knew I needed more mileage for the week. I'm glad I made it to class. We did a run/row:

  • 4-mile warmup 
  •  .6-mile run (.5 at push pace and .1 at all-out pace) with a 3 percent incline
  • 200-meter row
  • .3-mile run (.2 at push pace and .1 at all-out pace) with a 9 percent incline
  • 400-meter row
  • .6-mile run (.5 at push pace and .1 at all-out) with a 3 percent incline
  • 200-meter row
  • .3-mile run (base pace)
  • 400-meter row
  • About .07 all-out run at the end.
  • Floor exercises included lunges with Bosu ball twists, side crunches on Bosu ball and Supermans on the Bosu ball. My abs should feel it for a couple of days.

Week's mileage: 11.57.
Yoga minutes: 70.


Physical changes are not always immediately obvious. Keep working. You'll get the results you're looking for. Also, life last week was deflating. Sometimes the biggest victory of the week is making it to a fitness class or the gym. That's OK. At least that's what I tell myself.

What were you workouts this week? How did it go?