Thursday, March 17, 2016

St. Patrick's Day in Chicago: Dyeing of the Chicago River

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Chicago river dyeing, St. Patrick's Day
Some of my favorite buildings above the green Chicago River.
I missed St. Patrick's Day in Chicago last year, so this year seeing the dyeing of the Chicago River was a must for me. I wanted to see the river turn green and experience the festivities. Graham and I awoke at 6:20 a.m., a difficult feat on a Saturday. We took the train down to the river, where we saw the party had already started by 8 a.m. Revelers dressed in green from head to toe were everywhere I looked. People lined the river, waiting to see the boats. It was initially tricky to find a spot. People must have gotten there so early! But two people left their spots and we jumped in for a look. It didn't take long for the river to have its green hue and for boats to start parading down the river. There was even a guy on a standup paddle boat! I would love to see the event from a boat; it seemed like the prime viewing place. We were in a good location, underneath some of my favorite Chicago buildings.

If you're celebrating St. Patrick's Day tonight, stay safe and have fun. Are you planning to celebrate?