Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Cubs Opening Night 2016

wrigley field, home opener, Cubs

Last year, I sat at Opening Night alone, shivering and a little terrified. We had just moved to Chicago a couple of weeks before then, and I didn't know anyone to go to the game with. How things have changed! I have come to love Chicago over the past year, though I am completely over the cold right now. This year, I sat at Opening Night at Wrigley Field with a friend, still shivering but no longer afraid.

The energy was insane, as can be expected. I tried to get to game as early as possible, because I like to see everything that goes on before the game, plus I had heard about the new security screenings (metal detectors). I also love the people-watching. 

Fireworks and a flyover added to the celebration. This team has everyone excited about the possibilities and you can feel it when you're at Wrigley Field.

I thought about the promise of the season, not just for the team but for my husband and me. I thought about our goals and hopes and dreams. The start of a new season or adventure is full of optimism. I reminded myself of one thing: It's about the journey, not the destination. Try to live in every moment, even the uncomfortable ones. Cheers to you, Chicago!


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