Thursday, May 26, 2016

Chicago Summer Goal:
Get on the Water

I have always felt a connection to the water and boating. My grandfather was a fishing boat captain in Mexico for many years. I remember visiting him on the boat during summer vacations and loving every minute of it. 

Now, boat is still accessible to me via Discover Boating's Get on the Water tool, which shows boat classes, charters and rentals in my area, as well as around the country.

While I don't get to go on fishing boats often anymore, last summer I was lucky enough to experience a Chicago sunset from a boat on Lake Michigan. It was one of my favorite summer memories in our first year in Chicago. This summer I am determined to recreate that experience as often as possible. My mission: Get on the water. 

While researching boat rentals, I came across this touching video titled "Good Run: A Boating Story." It reminded me of my grandpa and of all the reasons I love being on the water.  I love feeling the cool breeze, looking at the amazing city views and spending time with friends and my husband in such a fun setting. 

I found various ways to experience Chicago in new ways on, which makes boating accessible by providing everything you need to know to get on the water. I found 20 locations for boat rentals in the Chicago area to make my summer dreams come true.

Ideas for boating activities in Chicago found on Discover Boating:

  • Renting an island theme party boat with friends.
  • Chicago river boat rentals and cruises to marvel at the city's impressive architecture.
  • Night boat rentals to see the Navy Pier fireworks held during the summer.
  • Sunset boat rentals to see the gorgeous lighting surrounding the Chicago skyline.
  • Swimming and sunbathing sailboat charters.
  • Youth Boating Programs such as sailing classes and racing teams for children.
Want to go boating this summer? Discover Boating has tools to help you get out on the water, even if you don't own a boat! Those looking to buy a boat can find a Boat Selector tool on Discover Boating's website. It's a must-see resource for new and experienced boaters. 

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