Friday, May 27, 2016

Phoenix Eats: Herb Box Midtown

One of the things I miss about Phoenix is my neighborhood. The area surrounding our condo has seen lots of redevelopment recently, adding trendy new restaurants and bars. I try to check out a new restaurant each time I visit Phoenix. This month I was able to try the Herb Box's new Midtown Phoenix location on Seventh Street just north of Missouri Avenue.

The Herb Box is in the Colony development project, which will also house other new restaurants. I watched an abandoned senior-housing complex be torn down to begin construction before I moved to Chicago last year. The restaurant has a great patio that will be nice in cooler Phoenix months. 

I met my friend there for happy hour, during which most drinks are $11. The house wine and beer were $5. (I chose the white house option, which was Chardonnay. Not my favorite, but I'm on a budget.) On a Thursday afternoon, only a few other tables were occupied.

 I started the meal with the Avocado Love, which by the description sounded like avocado toast. When it was delivered to the table, I was shocked. Where's the avocado? Instead I saw a mountain of arugula covering the toast. Don't get me wrong; it was delicious, but I was not expecting this much arugula. I had to scrape a bunch of it off onto a plate so I could eat the avocado toast. (I later ate the arugula at home as part of a salad.) The sweet-hot Serrano glaze is delicious!

I also ordered a side of gouda mac and cheese, because I was looking for a smaller pre-dinner meal. It had a smoky flavor and was filling enough for me. 

My friend ordered the butternut squash and corn enchiladas, which I tasted and loved. I would definitely order it again on a future visit. It was served with a salad. 

My first impression of the Herb Box is that it is a nice option for healthier fare than the norm. The prices are a little high but seem to be in line with other trendy restaurants that serve fresh food.

Have you tried the Herb Box? What did you think?