Tuesday, June 14, 2016

More Thoughts I Had During an Orangetheory Class

After my first class at Orangetheory, I wrote about the thoughts that popped into my head during the session. After being a member for eight months now, I decided to write about what I thought during the most recent class I attended.

I still find Orangetheory Fitness to be incredibly challenging. Some days I feel some soreness the next day, but for the most part I can attend more than one class in a row. This is how my most recent class went:

  • *As coach scrolls through the playlist* Don't you dare turn off that Beyonce!
  • I'm gonna puke. No I'm not. I'm gonna puke. No I'm not. Get it together!
  • *Coach yelling "Empty the tank!"* OK, OK. I'll turn it up a few notches on the treadmill.
  • Coach is coming, I better turn up that rowing.
  • This is the longest row in the history of rowing.
  • Time's almost up, just a couple more reps!
  • OK, I gotta stop checking the monitor every 10 seconds. *10 seconds later* How am I doing?
  • OH YEAH, coach complimented my form!
  • *Looking in the mirror* Holy biceps! 
  • More Beyonce, please!
  • *Imagines she is on the U.S. Olympic track and field team.*
  • *Imagines she is on the U.S. Olympic rowing team.*
  • How are there 20 minutes left in class?!
  • I'm going to feel this tomorrow.
  • Can't wait to do this again!
Read the first installment here. Have you tried Oranegtheory? What did you think?

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