Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Phoenix Eats: Reyes de la Torta, Flower Child, Stock & Stable

Besides seeing my friends and family, the best part about being back in Phoenix for a few days was eating at places I love. I wasn't able to visit all of my favorites, but I did have some excellent meals last weekend.

Here's what I ate at three great local Phoenix restaurants:

Reyes de la Torta: It's a no-frills mom-and-pop Mexican food location. Most (if not all) the servers speak Spanish and often music or television is playing in Spanish. The food comes in large portions and it's simply delicious. It's not about the decor, it's about the food here.

I ordered the veggie torta, which mainly composed of cheese plus lettuce, beans, jalapeno and tomato. I also had rice on the side. I thought the torta would have more beans than it did, so next time I would add some as a side.

The Del Rey torta.

Flower Child: The Late Riser (cage-free eggs, beans, quinoa, roasted chile,salsa, avocado,corn, Greek yogurt and queso blanco) is delicious and guilt-free. I wished I could order a free refill! Also, if you show up for breakfast, which ends at 11, you can have free refills of the cold brew. This restaurant is adorable and I love the details like yoga mat parking, an infused water station outside and wall art.

Stock & Stable: This new restaurant opened in my old Phoenix neighborhood. Its dishes focus on meat (hence the name) but I found several pescatarian-friendly options. The squid ink cavatelli is tasty, but it kind of looked like bugs. You will see when you order it. Just don't look at it; eat it!
The potted crab (a dip) is amazing. Do yourself a favor and order one (or two) and be sure to get extra bread.

We ordered the Eastern Promises and Black Hatchet drinks from their cocktail menu as well. I liked both, but I preferred the Black Hatchet.

This would be a great place to eat on a patio when the weather is nice.

Eastern Promises and Black Hatchet

If you try any of these places let me know what you think! What are your favorite places to eat?