Friday, June 3, 2016

That Summer Feeling

Chicago summer has arrived, and it already feels like it's moving too quickly. Last summer was a blur. It was our first summer in Chicago after moving here that spring, and we crammed as much as we could into that short but glorious season. I didn't get to do everything I wanted, so this summer I'll be working on my Chicago summer bucket list before the clock runs out. Wish me luck!

These are some of the changes I see in myself in the summer:

I'm more of a planner. In reality I always plan, but it's on overdrive in the summer. I have filled every weekend in June in my planner, for example, with things I want to do.

I have a short attention span. It's becomes more difficult to focus on my responsibilities. There's too much to see, do and eat. This is why I need a planner. 

I take my workouts outdoors. Actually, I want to be outdoors in general. I am already looking at various outside yoga classes in Chicago. I have been running outside, but I relied on the treadmill a lot during the cold days this year. It will be more about the running in the sunshine this summer. I also am dying to go camping and hiking.

I have so much more energy. I want to do everything. I just love the longer days, except the part about waking up earlier because the sun creeps in through the windows. Try as I might, I can't fall back asleep when that happens. But hey, more time to do things!

I want to sit on patios. I haven't done much brunching in Chicago, but that needs to change. I also can't wait to fully get my new apartment in order so I can set up an outdoor workspace on nicer days.

I don't want to wear makeup. It's going to melt off anyway. I still wear makeup, I just keep it even more minimalist than usual.

Do you notice a change in you during the summer? What do you have planned this season?