Friday, July 1, 2016

July Goals

This summer is moving too quickly for me, and yet so slowly. When I'm waiting for certain things to happen, I want the time to pass quickly, but at the same time I am struggling to keep up with life lately. I'll survive, though, because I am a planner and goal setter.

Before I get into July goals, let's check in with my June goals.

June goal check-in:

  • Prepare for a major life change that I'll share more about soon. We made some preparations, with more on the way. That's really all I can say. (#Rhymes)
  • Pay off one of my student loans. Done! I did it at the last minute (yesterday) but it's paid. I now have less than $1,000 left to pay on a second student loan before I can kiss the debt goodbye! 
  • Plan a summer camping trip. We still haven't done this because Graham has not had consecutive days off yet. We are determined to make it happen!
  • Continue to grow my blog community. I had set secret goals for my social media accounts, and I hit my Pinterest and Instagram goals but not my Twitter one. Help a girl out by checking out my tweets?
  • Start marathon training! It was a slow start but a start nonetheless. Read my recaps: Week 1 and Week 2.

July goals:

  • Continue to prepare for a big life change. Sorry to be so vague. I hope to finally be able to share some news once I find out for sure this month (or next?!).
  • Continue tracking my meals and macros and stay on track with marathon training.
  • Cross off at least four items from my Chicago summer bucket list.
  • Pay off another debt account and save money toward a trip.
What are your goals for July? Share your blog posts or goals in the comments!

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