Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Glenwood Avenue Arts Fest Haul

I had one of those perfect Chicago summer weekends. I don't know how I'll top it. First, I love spotting the blooms in the neighborhood.

Also, Graham's parents visited us on Saturday and we had a wonderful time catching up. Once our visitors left, Graham and I walked to the Glenwood Avenue Arts Festival to check out the vendors. Last year we purchased a couple of art prints and some natural skin products, along with the most delicious frozen sangria drink I've ever had.

This year, we wanted to shop different local vendors to spread the love. We typically walk around the entire length of the market before committing to a purchase. We passed by a van that we thought was a nice concept for a shop, so we stepped inside. I purchased two soy candles in tiny glasses that happened to be on sale. I also liked a T-shirt that said "Chicago love" but it was only available in kids sizing. (The designer has women's online.)

Two new candles in our living room.

T-shirt by Megan Lee Designs.

On the way out I noticed a natural skin care booth, so I picked up natural deodorant that has a lovely coconut scent.

Graham gravitates toward anything to do with plants, and he immediately purchased a little cottage with a living moss roof from another seller. It, too, was a great deal.

We noticed the storm was about to hit, so I quickly browsed a booth that should all things wood. I saw a lovely bird-cage ornament with a red bird and I had to get it. Graham and I collect ornaments from places we go, and this would be ours to represent Rogers Park, our neighborhood. We probably would have bought more had it not started storming.

Events such as the Glenwood Ave. Arts Fest make me proud to live in this diverse and accepting neighborhood.

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