Sunday, August 21, 2016

Movies at Millennium Park - "Grease"

One of the items on my Chicago summer bucket list is to watch a movie at Millennium Park. When I saw "Grease" on the schedule, I said, "Yes, please!" I made plans to meet my friends there on Aug. 9. I packed up my apple ale, snacks and a blanket and headed to the park.

When I arrived, I could not believe how packed the pavilion was. I knew these events would be popular, but I did not anticipate people resorting to setting up on sidewalks, outside the barriers, and in adjacent park lawns. There was not enough space, so barriers were put up to block people from entering. Unfortunately, my friends were among them. I found a spot on the side next to the sidewalk that was big enough for us, but now I would have to watch the movie alone. Well, not exactly alone, but you know what I mean. I stayed until just after the movie began, when I decided instead to meet them in Millennium Park and see what they wanted to do. We chose to go get wine and have our own watch party at their place nearby. 

Will I try to watch a movie in Millennium Park again? Probably, but I will arrive an hour or more early if it's a well-liked movie. Lesson learned.

Have you attended a movie in a park? What movie did you watch? Let me know in the comments!