Monday, September 5, 2016

Chicago Marathon Training, Week 12

The countdown is now less than three weeks until the Chicago Half Marathon and about 33 days until the Chicago Marathon. I don't know if I am ready for the races, but I am sure ready to be done with training! 

Monday: 1 hour of standup paddleboarding with my friend Rachael. It had rained that morning and afternoon, so we weren't sure if the social paddle would even happen, but it did! It sprinkled a bit during our paddle, but nothing dangerous. I stood up a couple of times but mostly I stayed on my knees because I was nervous. I also felt sore from previous days' workouts. We paddled farther than I have in any other stand-up paddleboard class I have attended, which was quite a workout. I wish I had photos of our paddle, but unfortunately we lost our GoPro in January and I won't be replacing it until GoPro comes out with a new model, per Graham's request.

Tuesday: Rest.

Wednesday: 4 miles at group training. We did my favorite training workout: MILE REPEATS! Just kidding, it's the hardest workout we do. The cool breeze made it more bearable and actually not even that bad. All of my times were about the same, around 9:27.

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Thursday: Rest. 

Friday: I did 20 minutes of yoga at home during my lunch break. I wanted to make it to Orangetheory but an important work deadline coincided with the only class time I can go to on Fridays. I really wish Orangetheory would have Friday night classes. I understand that most people don't work out that late on weekends, but I would!

Saturday: I had so many grand plans, but then I had an awful night on Friday. I got maybe four hours of sleep and my body was sore. I didn't make it to yoga at Millennium Park and Orangetheory like I originally planned to do. I was disappointed, but I'll try next year. (Saturday was the last yoga in the park for the summer.)

Sunday: 18 miles. I could not have asked for better weather. The cool breeze made it so much easier! The day warmed up for my last several miles, but at least the wind cooled me off somewhat. I am typing this as I elevate my feet and watch "Harry Potter." My legs are killing me and I can't seem to eat enough food, but I did it!

Week's mileage: 22

2016 mileage so far: 377.08


I was nervous about the 18-miler because I had cut my previous long run short. I felt good during most of it, although afterward I had to rest on the couch most of the day. My back was also a bit achy.

I am disappointed that I went a week without Orangetheory because I should be doing more strength training, and because I might end up wasting classes this month if I don't go five times this week. I wish classes would roll over to the next month  I paid for them!

I also wish I had more profound reflections to share this week, but I am mentally and physically exhausted, which is the norm these days. Work and my workouts are taking up most of my bandwidth.

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