Monday, October 17, 2016

Fall and Winter Running Gear

winter running clothes

Chicago had a mild winter last year, so I got lucky when it came to running. I didn't really need to invest in a lot of winter running gear in my first year in Chicago. This year, though, I have been hearing that winter will be especially long, cold and snowy. While I don't have a race in mind, I still plan to run during the winter. If you, too, prefer running outdoors to the dreadmill, you might like some of my picks for winter running gear. Here's what is on my shopping list for late fall and winter training:

  • Bright running jackets. I especially like this green and blue windproof pullover from Brooks.** Windproof jackets would be helpful to have in the Windy City! Also, jackets with thumb holes are the best; trust me!
  • A vest. I want a vest because often I get hot under all those layers and want my arms to be more exposed vs. my chest and neck. 
  • Earband. This is important! Covering your head and ears when you run in the winter makes all the difference. If you run frequently it's smart to have several earbands or hats on hand so you don't need to keep doing laundry. I also find that earbands help your earbuds/headphones stay in place.
  • Running gloves. This is another item that makes a huge difference when running in the cold. I've had terrible running experiences when I forgot gloves. Don't make the same mistake!
  • Arm warmers. Arm warmers are ideal for late fall and spring runs when it isn't as cold but it is still chilly. They can be easily taken off and tied to your wrists if you get hot wearing them.
  • Long running tights. It will be time to transition to long tights from shorter tights and shorts. You really can't have enough pairs if you work out often.
  • Ice traction spikes. I threw these in because I thought about getting them last winter, but it didn't really snow that often in Chicago. However, I remember having to miss a spring training run because the sidewalks and the running trails were too slippery after a snowfall. Traction spikes would be beneficial in situations like that. The pair shown above might be more for trail running, but you can find options for ice cleats via Runner's World.

Are you thinking about winter fitness attire? What's on your shopping list?

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