Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Favorite Purchases for Our Toddler

Preparing for Victoria and adjusting to life with a toddler has been so fun -- and tiring. We have enjoyed buying her things for her room as well as finding products to make life with a toddler a little easier on us.

Here are four recent purchases we are loving so far:

  • Plush Owl Sweet Seat Chair: Victoria's grandma bought her this chair from Toys R Us the week before her arrival. Victoria loves it! She has fallen asleep on it multiple times, and she likes to bring it into the living room when she is able to watch her favorite TV show.
  • B. Children's Teepee Tent: Target has a few options for this tent. We chose one that has a detachable light inside. Victoria enjoys playing in this tent and has even fallen asleep in it.
  • Moby Go Wrap: I bought this before attending Game 4 of the World Series at Wrigley Field with Victoria and my mom. I used to think wraps are only for infants, but I was pleasantly surprised that they work for toddler as well. It made carrying her much easier because I would have had to check a stroller. She enjoys being carried in this wrap.
  • B.eautifloor Tiles: We bought three of these sets of alphabet tiles to cover most of the floor in Victoria's room. She enjoys taking the letters out and then putting them back where they belong. At first she became frustrated when she couldn't get the letters to fit, but now she is learning where each letter belongs. It's a great learning tool. 
We are new to parenting, so Graham and I would appreciate any suggestions on toddler toys as the holiday season approaches. 

Parents, what are your favorite purchases for your toddler?

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