Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Takeaways from
"The Universe Has Your Back"

Graham and I set an intention of growth in 2016, and one way I fulfilled that was to work on myself through fitness, new experiences and reading self-improvement books, among other ways. I've read "Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear," "You Are a Badass" and "Year of Yes," along with other books, this year. My most recent read, or rather listen, on Audible is "The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear to Faith" by Gabrielle Bernstein. I have heard of another book of hers, "May Cause Miracles," which I have yet to read. Something about "Universe Has Your Back" called to me. I think Bernstein would agree that the universe brings you what you ask for, and the lessons in this book were what I needed to hear.

The key lessons for me:

What you judge in others is what you judge in yourself. What you love about others is what you love about yourself. I've heard this before, and I have realized the truth in this more and more as time passes. I have someone in my life whom I have judged for being self-centered. I realized that the actions she has taken that I dislike are similar to ones I have done myself, and they are actions I am not proud of. I have since tried to understand why that person doesn't reach out to me. It's because I myself have not reached out to her. We have more in common than I thought. This understanding has helped me work on those behaviors I don't enjoy in myself and forgive and understand those behaviors in her. I hope this realization will also bring us closer.

Let faith take the lead and let go of goals. "Hold great visions and then release them." This doesn't mean don't make goals; it means make your vision clear and then trust they will happen and let go of the outcome.

Bernstein at first came across as self-important to me, but then she explains herself with a self-awareness that made me realize she really does want to help others. She seems passionate when she says she wants to help readers find their calling and join her in "being the light." She is honest about instances in which her ego came into play and in which she was judgmental. She also shares what she has learned from those experiences. You can great specific guidance on meditation and specific poses and prayers to say. She often refers you to her website for more help. I enjoyed the book overall, and it helped me overcome a certain funk I have been in this month.

Bernstein can best explain and list her steps for transforming fear to faith, and the Audible version of her book is a quick read if you'd like to do just that.

Have you read this book or any others by Gabrielle Bernstein?

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