Thursday, January 26, 2017

Escaping the Winter Cold

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The accessories I packed for my vacation.

For the past couple of months, I've been in hibernation mode. I've been wearing leggings and oversize sweaters and only accessorizing with the necessities when I venture out into the Chicago cold. Our trip to Florida was my long-awaited opportunity to bust out my neglected accessories and debut my new JORD wood watch! The chance to wear my unique new timepiece added much more excitement to the packing process.

JORD recently sent me the zebrawood and emerald wood watch from its Reece series. I was drawn to its emerald color because of my affinity for all things green (and of course flora!). Its square shape is also striking to me. I find that the women's wood watch pairs just as well with my sweater and jackets as it does with a colorful-print romper. The emerald face gives off tropical vibes, which can make you feel like you're in an exotic paradise even when you're not. Luckily, I am in vacation mode!

My JORD wood watch complements all my vacation outfits.

I wouldn't swim with the watch on (Obviously. They are best kept out of the humidity!) but I'd certainly wear it to sunbathe and relax!

Here's how I tackled packing for the vacation:
  • Use an Excel document to write down each date you will travel along with the forecast for that day. To the right, write down your outfit choice and accessories. I found that my wood watch complemented the vast majority of my planned outfits.
  • Roll and pack each piece next to its matching items to make finding outfits easy.
  • Place accessories in protective bags or boxes. I left my JORD wood watch in the box that it came in, which has a little drawer at the bottom to hold a polishing cloth and JORD Preserve natural finishing oil to help properly care for the piece.

  • Pack plastic or cloth bags for dirty laundry.
  • Bring only a few accessories that match most of your outfits to save space and keep it simple! My JORD watch is example of such a piece.
JORD's  zebrawood and emerald woodwatch  matches the other accessories I wanted to wear on the trip. It was comfortable to wear during a long day of sightseeing.

Zebrawood and maple are intricately weaved together to create a unique and lovely timepiece. JORD can also size and personalize your watch, making it a perfect gift option for your significant other (or yourself).

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