Friday, January 13, 2017

Phoenix Eats: Pure Sushi

One of the best parts about visiting my old Phoenix neighborhood is seeing it grow from when we lived there. It was already becoming a dining hot spot when we moved to Chicago in 2015, and even more change has come about since then. One of the newest restaurants I've tried is Pure Sushi at the Colony development near Seventh Street and Missouri in Phoenix. It's next to the Herb Box and Stock and Stable, which I've visited in previous Phoenix trips. Pure Sushi was next on the list because it serves one of our favorite foods.

The restaurant was quiet early on a Friday night. We ordered just three rolls to try, because we weren't terribly hungry. We tried two signature rolls and one spicy tuna. The presentation was nice, but I couldn't help but compare the sushi negatively with the place we regularly go to in Chicago. The local spot in Rogers Park, Chicago, is so much better, in case you were wondering.

Signature rolls were $13 and up, while the spicy tuna was $6. Signature drinks were about $13, while my glass of Riesling was $9, slightly more than I am used to paying. It was delicious, though. I wanted to try the Patron Margarita, but part of me felt like that was an odd pairing with sushi. Riesling might have been just as odd, though, so what do I know?

Pure Sushi didn't blow my socks off, at least these three rolls didn't, but I would revisit to try more rolls and because I don't know of many other sushi places nearby besides Stingray Sushi at the Biltmore shopping center on 24th Street and Camelback Road, where we used to get sushi when we lived in Phoenix. Actually, there are more sushi places, but not many catering to this clientele that prefers a trendier setting. 

What delicious restaurant have you tried recently? What did you think? Share with me in the comments!