Wednesday, February 15, 2017

I Survived a Kickboxing Class

In August, I bought a three-class package to an ILoveKickboxing studio that was opening in the Bucktown neighborhood of Chicago. For $10, I got three kickboxing class and a pair of gloves; you can't beat that deal! And yet, it's now February and I just took my first class. What can I say? Life got in the way. ...

I arrived for the 10:15 class at 9:45 to talk about my fitness goals, get my gloves and hear about the format of the class. I then went into the locker room to drop off my things (Bring a lock!) and take off my shoes. No shoes are allowed on the mats, and your water rests on the side of the mat. 

For your first class you have a teacher's helper who instructs you on the basics while the rest of the class does other moves. The class began with a warm up (running around the mat, side shuffles, burpees, etc.) and stretching. Then we did basics like jabs and roundhouse kicks, followed by partner workouts. The class finally ended with more burpees and squats (One partner held a squat while the other did three burpees; then we switched.). Finally, we stretch. 

The instructing style is very much high intensity and loud. Students cheer, the teacher yells. I quickly discovered that kickboxing is quite difficult to learn. The instructor's helper was great about giving tips and adjustments when needed. She was also super friendly and encouraging. 

Overall, I enjoyed my first kickboxing class. Will I go every week? Probably not, but it's worth incorporating into my fitness routine to tone up and get an amazing workout. I am just not the hollering and interacting type. I prefer more inner-self focused activities like running and yoga. That's just my introverted self, though. If you love workout out in an interactive setting, kickboxing could be for you. I did, however, sign up for my next class, so my first impression could change. Also, if you're stressed out and need to hit a punching bag, this could be for you. The studio was even planning an event to tape a picture of your ex (or something you don't like anymore) onto the punching bag for a class.

How did I feel after class? Everything hurt. (haha!) I was sore, for sure, and the soreness occurred in parts of my body I am not used to being sore. I consider that I success.

Have you tried kickboxing?