Thursday, February 16, 2017

Pescatarian Diet on Florida Vacation

When you don't eat meat, it can be tricky to find foods to eat on vacation. I do eat fish, so that expands my options. The tricky thing is being somewhere like at an amusement park where you are unfamiliar with the food selection. I did the best I could when choosing food options. Are you pescatarian? Here are ideas on what you can expect to find at various Florida locations:


  • Ceasar Salad ($9.99): What you would expect from a salad. I was able to share this with V and we were both satisfied.
  • Veggie burger and fries (about $10): The worst veggie burger I've ever had. Fries were good.
  • Veggie omelet and small orange juice ($13.08): Decent, filling. Shared the omelet with my daughter, who seemed to like it.

Magic Kingdom

  • Zucchini burrito with beans and rice ($10.49): Delicious and filling. Could have used some salsa.

  • Mac and cheese ($8.19): Large, creamy portion. We could have shared one bowl instead of buying two.
Animal Kingdom

  • Hummus with veggies and falafel ($11 total): The falafel was great. Hummus was just OK. The portion was a lot more than necessary for amount of veggies and pita you get. Great veggie option.

  • Mickey Mouse pretzel with cheese sauce (about $6?): What you would expect from a pretzel. A filling snack while walking around the park.

Islamorada, Florida Keys

  • Ceviche (I think $15): Yum! Not as great as my mother's but decent.

  • Veggie enchiladas ($9.99): I ate every bite of the green-sauce enchiladas. Delicious, filling.

  • Fried ice cream ($4.75): Just OK. Not as crunchy or flavorful as I would have liked.

  • Crab cakes ($8): Yummy. Would order again.
  • Lobster tacos (about $14): Just OK. They were filling and I liked the avocado. 

  • Large Greek salad ($11) and baked potato (about $2.50): Basic, not that impressive, but filling. Lots of feta. I wasn't really in the mood for anything else. The views from the oceanfront restaurant are serene.

  • Breakfast bullet ($13): I made myself a bagel with cream cheese and salmon, onion and capers. I also had eggs with spinach and feta and breakfast potatoes. I loved it all.