Thursday, March 2, 2017

March Goals

I am ready for March -- for change and for warmth. This month my routine will be adjusted once again after returning to work in February. My husband's work will also ramp up and V just started pre-ballet and speech therapy. Our lives will be busier but also happier and healthier, I hope. Today I'm sharing my March goals for accountability reasons, but first, let's check in on my February goals:

February goal check-in:

  • Enjoy my remaining family leave. I was not ready to return to work, that's for sure. 
  • Find family-friendly activities in Chicago. We spent a day at the Field Museum, which was fun, and we took V to the playground when the weather was nice. 
  • Get back into a fitness routine. I was on track with my workouts for about a week and a half before I felt discomfort in my back and shoulder that has lasted for more than a week. I plan to slowly get back into my workouts this week.
  • Make it to one group run and one yoga class. I benefited immensely from a restorative yoga class last week! I didn't make it to a group run, though, because of my back and shoulder pain.

  • Pursue more freelance writing and editing opportunities. I began my writing project last week. So far I have only written a few pieces, but I hope the work continues.
  • Search for a photo-editing course. I found several options but the classes don't begin until March and April.

March goals:


  • Figure out a day care solution. I work from home and V has so far stayed home with me. This won't always work, especially when I have busy production days. WAHMs, how do you do it?!
  • Go on a date night. Since V arrived,  G and I have preferred to do things as a family, but now that we are in more of a routine we can go on date nights more often.
  • Start half-marathon training. I am registered for the Chicago Spring Half Marathon in May and training begins this week!
  • Attend four yoga classes. I would like to take yoga classes weekly during my half-marathon training. While I am certified to teach yoga and can practice alone, I can't find a quiet enough space to practice in my home, so classes are my best bet.
  • Go on at least one group run. 

  • Enroll in a photography course.
  • Create an updated media kit.
  • Write and send a newsletter on running. Are you subscribed?

What are your March goals?

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