Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Cruelty-Free and Green Products

** This post contains affiliate links. Also, it is your responsibility to check whether products are cruelty-free. That information may change.

In addition to looking for products that are cruelty-free, I was recently inspired to look for those with less packaging and that are more eco-friendly. I have made a few switches lately that I am happy with and wanted to share. This is part of my effort to be more mindful of how much waste I create. Sometime soon I'd love to take a class on making some of my own products such as candles and lotions.

The products I've been trying recently:
  • Tom's Lavender Tea Tree With Raw Shea Butter Natural Beauty Bar: I had reservations about using bar soap because I had been using body wash for years, but I have no complaints about it so far. (I am the only person who uses it in my home.) It combines one of my favorite scents, lavender, with tea tree and shea butter. Also, there's no plastic packaging. I use it along with my Eco Tools recycled bath sponge. I find that I use less product because with body wash I tend to squeeze too much out of the bottle, and this costs me less than body washes I had previously been using. 


  • Preserve Shave 5 Razor System: I initially tried Preserve's cheaper razor and hated it. The blade came off easily and was inconvenient to use. The Shave 5 Razor is a thousand times better. It's easier to grip and the blade stays on. I ordered my razor in coral, but it comes in six color options. You can recycle the handle with Preserve and it comes in a reusable container that is great for travel. (It's made from recycled plastic.)

  • Lush Massage Bar in Hottie. This is great to rub on tired muscles and doesn't use any plastic packaging. It also leaves the skin soft and maybe a tad oily/silky. The massage bar has a molded side to help with massaging and it smells like vanilla and spices. It doesn't come in any wasteful packaging when you buy it at a Lush store.
What products have you been using and loving lately?

P.S. If you're interested in reading about creating a zero-waste kitchen, Not Entirely Perfect has a post on this that I enjoyed.