Friday, April 7, 2017

Hamilton | Broadway in Chicago

Hamilton Chicago, Broadway in Chicago, Privatebank Theatre

Like many Chicagoans, I spent quite a bit of time scanning Ticketmaster for "Hamilton" tickets when they first went on sale. Most of them were super expensive ($300-400) and sold out, so I gave up. Then, in November, I heard about more dates being released and found two balcony seats available for $80 each (including fees). I scooped them up immediately!

My friend Rachael and I took the train downtown (to Monroe stop) and walked a block to Privatebank Theatre, where we found a large crowd gathering outside. The lines to get in were quite a mess. We stopped to take a couple of photos and just wandered through the doors when we saw an opening. I was instantly struck by how beautifully ornate the theatre is. It opened in 1906, and you sort of feel like you're stepping back to that time when you walk in the doors.

Hamilton Chicago, Broadway in Chicago, Privatebank Theatre

Because our tickets were on the balcony, we had to walk up stairs to get to our seats. I huffed and puffed my way up, wondering if my being out of breath was due to the excitement or a lack of fitness. (I'm sure it was the former. haha) The nearest women's restroom is down the stairs on the second level, by the way, but there's a bar/snack bar on each floor. Some seats on the balcony have obstructed views, but we were in Row M and I could see everything. At certain points a person a few rows down moved her head and blocked some of the actors' feet, but that's no big deal at all.

Hamilton Chicago, Broadway in Chicago, Privatebank Theatre

I won't recap the story, because I'm sure you know what Hamilton's about, but instead I'll tell you about how it made me feel. It was stunning. I was blown away by the talent of the cast; and the songwriting is incredible. I also feel like I learned (or was reminded) more about history there than in high school. Maybe that's an exaggeration. ...

I had completely forgotten that Wayne Brady is currently joining the cast to play the part of Aaron Burr. While I am familiar with Brady, I had no idea his voice was so impressive.

As you can probably tell, I enjoyed "Hamilton" and want to try to see it again. I think everyone should see it if given the chance. It's worth the hype!

Have you seen "Hamilton"? 

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