Friday, June 2, 2017

June Goals
& a Lesson from May

I blinked and it suddenly became June. May was full of celebrations but also challenges. The overall lesson for May was invest in yourself: in time for myself, in career and personal growth, and what my body and mind need. I learned this lesson by neglecting myself on many occasions in the previous months. I put my fitness and career goals on hold and it was beginning to affect my outlook on life. I had to make a change, so I finally allowed myself to invest in what I needed. I signed up for the photography class I had been putting off, I searched for backup babysitters to give myself the help I need, I bought the equipment I needed to pursue my passions, and I invested in group half-marathon training to set myself up for success in my next race. I am now feeling inspired heading into June -- motivation is something I have been lacking this year. I'm excited to share my June goals in hopes of inspiring your own and starting a conversation about how you plan to invest in yourself as well this month.

First, let's check in on my May goals:

  • Plan something to do as a family for Victoria's birthday. We spent that weekend at our neighborhood park and beach. The weather was gorgeous, so we flew a kite, devoured our snacks, and let Victoria ride her new balance bike. It was a perfect weekend for her birthday, our adoption hearing and my first Mother's Day. (Let me know if you'd like to see a post on our adoption story. I posted a short update on our adoption day, but I removed it because I wanted to do a better-quality post with more of a story to tell.)
  • Check out at least two area preschools and day care centers. I didn't do this, but I did interview babysitters.

  • Finish half-marathon training. If you read my recent update on half-marathon training, you'd know why I decided to defer my race entry and start over. It was a tough decision, but it was the right one for me at the time. I learned a lot about what I can better in my next training, which starts later in June.
  • Attend at least two studio yoga classes. Victoria and I attended a mom and toddler yoga class at a local studio. Other than that I practiced yoga on my own last month.


  • Match March's freelance income or surpass it. I surpassed March's freelance income by about $100, which I am proud to say. I planned to do more work but I forgot my laptop charger during our recent trip to Louisville, so I wasn't able to write more on our drive back to Chicago.
  • Update my blog pages. I updated my header with labels on specific topics that are frequently discussed on Floradise. I will be updating these in the coming months to make posts easier to find.
  • Film at least four YouTube videos. I shared footage from our GoPro, which was found underwater off a Costa Rica beach recently. Would you like to read a post on this story? I also shared our family adventures and our adoption day. Please subscribe!

June goals:


  • Plan a camping/cabin trip as a family.
  • Go on a date night.
  • Plan a fun activity for Father's Day.
  • Plan a mom's day out. 


  • Start half-marathon group training with my coaches on June 28.
  • Film a yoga video.
  • Attend two yoga classes in the studio/local park/garden.

  • Complete my photography class. 
  • Match or surpass May's freelance income.
  • Film at least five YouTube videos.

  • Decide on the dates and destination of our winter family trip.
  • Add to our travel fund.
What are your June goals? What posts would you like to see on Floradise? In what ways are you investing in yourself?

May's videos: