Thursday, June 29, 2017

Updated: A Day in the Life

I recently realized that the last day in the life post I wrote was before Victoria came to live with us. Our lives have completely changed since then! The adoption is official and she has grown so much in just a short amount of time. Today I'm sharing a typical day in my life as a work-from-home editor and mom. However, it's hard to say what a typical day is because the order of the tasks I do in the morning changes. Some days I don't have time to water the plants until lunch or after work. Some days I wake up late if Victoria doesn't wake me up at her usual time. (She's pretty much my alarm clock now.) Some days will be completely thrown off for random reasons.

But here's how a typical day goes:

6:30 or 7 a.m.: Victoria crawls into my bed and wakes me up. (Graham is already at work.)

7:10 a.m. She will cuddle with me for about 5-10 minutes max. I get dressed, give her a banana or apple, and head to the bathroom for skin care, teeth brushing, cleaning my Invisalign trays, etc. I come back and make the bed.

7:15-7:25: Make breakfast and coffee. I rinse off any dishes in the sink to prepare for the dishwasher. Victoria likes to help me with this if she is not preoccupied with her coloring book and/or toys. 

7:25-7:45: Eat breakfast. If I make eggs Victoria will most definitely want some. 

7:45-8:15: Participate in blogger group threads and share my new blog post while Victoria plays. I also work on freelance tasks.

8:15-9: Victoria's bath, teeth brushing and play time. I dress her and give her some watermelon, her favorite snack at the moment. 

9:-9:15: At some point I might start a load of laundry. I also start turning on my work computer. I water the plants and Victoria likes to help.

9:30: Work begins. I let Victoria watch the Sprout channel for a little bit. Victoria often also starts a puzzle and sporadically works on it in between playing with other toys. I tend to take mini breaks throughout the day to help her with puzzles, read or give her snacks. She also likes to ride her bike around the house wearing her helmet. It's super cute.

12: Lunch time. I prepare both our lunches and if not already done, wash any dishes or clear the dishwasher.

1: Victoria naps and I work more.

2:45: Graham comes home from work. (His schedule varies, so some days he comes home later.) This is when he mostly takes over so I can get my work done and attend any phone meetings I have planned. He might take V to the park to ride her bike, give her a snack, hang out on the patio, watch a movie/show with her, or just play inside.

At some point I have a snack and more caffeine, if needed.

6:00-6:30: Finish work and start prepping dinner. (I might put something in the oven to finish up while I complete my day. Or on some days Graham might start dinner.) Sometimes I can't start dinner until after 6:30.

After work: Dinner as a family. We might walk to the beach on nicer days. I will soon have group half-marathon training one night a week, but I should be home in time for a later dinner together. Graham will make dinner on those days, if he is not working.

8:15-8:30: Start getting V ready for bed. We help her put her toys away, brush her teeth, change into pajamas, etc. I also read her a book and she goes to sleep. (If I am still on my way home from class/event/obligation, Graham does this, but she usually wakes up when I come home, so I will have to put her back in bed and read her a story.)

9-10:30 or 11: WHATEVER I/WE WANT! Graham and I finally have time alone together. I have been running on the treadmill frequently if I don't get a workout previously. On some nights he is especially tired and might go to sleep early, so I will do one or two of these: Watch my guilty-pleasure reality shows, wear a face mask, watch YouTube videos, take an epsom salt bath, or finish up any blogging or freelance tasks I have left if I am not completely exhausted. If he's awake, Graham and I will hang out, talk about our life/plans and/or watch something together. We've been loving "Master of None" lately.

And that's my typical weekday.

What does a typical day look like for you?