Monday, October 2, 2017

What I Learned at PoshFest 2017 With RXBar

** Thank you to RXBar for sponsoring my attendance to PoshFest 2017, as well as other Chicago experiences. 

Over the past year I started to use the Poshmark app to sell some clothing I wanted to declutter. The site seemed like an easy way to get rid of clothes and perhaps find better items from other sellers. Over the past weekend, though, I discovered you could do a lot more on Poshmark besides declutter. Many people have full-blown businesses thanks to the app!

When RXBar, one of the wellness sponsors for the event, reached out to me to attend, I was excited because I love their bars (especially the coconut chocolate flavor), but also because they wanted to make it an entire experience. In addition to attending the event, I will be attending a Soul Cycle class this week!

My friend Rachael joined me for the event at Venue Six10 on Michigan Avenue. At check-in we received T-shirts, all sorts of swag, and a wristband and drink tickets to use at the rooftop party that evening at the Roof on the Wit. We immediately headed to the welcome speech in the main theater, followed by a Freshman track session aimed at beginners on Poshmark.

PoshFest 2017

The marketing and branding panel discussed how to view your closet as an extension of yourself and curate beautiful pieces you would actually wear. Tips to improve sales included being as descriptive as possible, sharing every morning and night, sharing to all the parties, and responding to ALL offers. One of the panelists in the session was Ashlee Frazier, who apparently was on "The Bachelor" and uses the app regularly.

After the session we checked out the Posh Market, where we could browse fashion at wholesale prices. My favorite pieces were on the racks by Naked Zebra and Wila. I would wear any piece on their racks!

We also visited the RXBar booth to grab a morning snack and snap a photo. In case you're unfamiliar with RXBar, they make protein bars with no added sugar, no gluten, no diary and no soy. The neighboring patio had a view of Grant and Millennium parks, as well as Navy Pier and Adler Planetarium.

We enjoyed lunch with a view on the ninth floor. They served pasta salad; Caprese, turkey and roast beef sandwiches; fruit; and cookies. The lunch room also had photo opps: A heart made of balloons, a list of all Poshmark sellers, and a Poshmark/USPS flat-rate box background.

After lunch you could browse the market or get your nails or hair done at the stations. I joined the Freshman session on inventory sourcing and then the Q and A about balancing life and being a Poshmark seller. It was inspiring to see that people have made this their own business and have found success.

I skipped the happy hour to head over to the Palmer House hotel to check in for the night. Unfortunately I wasn't feeling that great, so we postponed our dinner plans that evening. I look forward to going out to dinner this week!

I loved the Palmer House lobby ceiling!

Have you used the Poshmark app to buy or sell? Have you also tried RXBars?