Welcome to Floradise! 

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Who is Marette Flora?

I am a journalist, yoga teacher and freelance writer living in Chicago. I enjoy camping, yoga, running, dining out, hiking, seeking out waterfalls and exploring new places. This blog was created as a way to share my experiences seeing and doing new things in my home state of Arizona, but I now also write about my travels and my experiences as a new Chicago resident. All views expressed in this blog are my own and not my former newspaper employer nor my current research department.

What is Floradise?

Floradise is the everyday paradise of a life lived to the fullest. It is about taking care of yourself -- inside and out -- and caring for your loved one. It's about taking small steps in your daily life to be kinder to the environment and our planet. It's about showing love to those around us and to ourselves. I will share with you ways I use to keep myself healthy and fit; places I explore in my quest to see and do as much as I can; ways to keep yourself zen in a chaotic world; where to eat on your trips to specific destinations; and which products are less harmful to myself and our planet (and which are most effective. It's about my journey as a parent who wants to make time for her passions: travel, food, fitness, and helping others.

Whose at my side on my adventures?

Graham, my husband
Victoria, my daughter
Taylor and Capone, my dogs

Join us on our journey!

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