Friday, August 21, 2015

August Minimalism Challenge, Part 5

The 30-Day Minimalism Challenge  continues. I have some interesting challenges to tackle in the remaining days, including not buying anything for 24 hours and no TV all day (?!).


Declutter your digital life. This is an ongoing process. I started to sort through my emails to delete unnecessary messages, but it seems never-ending. I also deleted files from my Google Drive and cleared out some messages from other inboxes. I need to finish some of the 12 or so draft blog posts I have saved, along with many other tasks. It seems like I have dug myself into a hole, because my digital life is quite cluttered. I will focus on this bit by bit. Rome wasn't built in one day.

Define your goals for the year.  I blogged about my goals in December.  My goals were to run a marathon (done), move (done), volunteer more (not done), travel outside the country (trip being planned) and to a state I haven't visited (done), teach yoga again (evaluating whether I want to do this), do a headstand away from the wall (I let go of this goal) and work on a book (in progress). My goal for the remainder of 2015 is to act in ways that align with my priorities. I want to focus on my time with Graham, explore my new city, maintain relationships with old friends and create new friendships, get in better shape and save more/pay down debt.

Take a step toward learning a new skill. I signed up for a photography class to better learn how to use my camera. I have plans to take other photography classes after that. I want to develop that skill and see where that takes me.

Clear out your junk drawer. I don't really have one. I sorted through my desk drawer and everything is organized and essential. I have my journals, my other laptop, Post-Its, various office supplies and work notebooks and reference sheets. What Graham and I need to address is a basket of mail that needs to be sorted and dealt with. I need a file container to store that paperwork that may or may not be necessary someday. That's a task to add to the list for another day. 

Previously accomplished:

Part 1: Unfollow and unfriend; streamline your reading list; turn off notifications; clean out your closet.

Part 2: Evaluate your last five purchases; learn to enjoy solitude; go for a walk and practice mindfulness; go bare-faced.

Part 3: Meditate for 15 minutes; no email or social media until lunch; let go of a goal; downsize your beauty collection.

Part 4: Journal for 20 minutes; identify 3-6 priorities; follow a morning routine; identify stress triggers.