Monday, September 12, 2016

Chicago Marathon Training, Week 13

Thank goodness for a mileage cutback week! The previous week's 18-miler left me sore for a few days, so I was happy to have fewer miles scheduled this week. We are now 12 days from the Chicago Half and about 26 days from the Chicago Marathon! 

Monday-Tuesday: Rest

Wednesday. 2.25 miles at Orangetheory.

Floor workout included:

  • Rollouts on the TRX strap
  • Hip raises
  • Reverse lunges
  • Chest press
(This isn't a full list of the workout.)

Thursday: 1.75 miles at Orangetheory. It was a power day with several all-outs on the treadmill. After the treadmill portion we switched to the water rowers for a 4:30 row for distance. The aim was to row for 100 meters at a push or all-out pace and then recover for 10 seconds. I ended up getting 955 meters because I wasn't feeling it that day.

Floor workout included:

  • Full burpees (10/8/6)
  • Bicep curls on the TRX strap (10/8/6)
  • 250-meter row and then a 200-meter row
  • 4 and a half minutes of core work that was 10 reps of situps with twist; leg lifts with static crunch; full arm and leg extension to crunches; side planks to hip dips; and static crunches with over-unders with your feet

Friday: 1.73 miles at Orangetheory. I was pretty sore for my third OTF class of the week. We did several all-out runs on the treadmill as well as several inclines. We also rowed for 2 minutes for distance twice, with a 1-minute recovery in between. I managed about 900 meters total.

Floor workout included:

  • Tricep extensions with weight and on the TRX strap
  • Single-arm chest press
  • 180-degree squat jumps
  • Single-leg V-ups
  • Reverse lunges to step-ups on the bench

Saturday-Sunday: Traveling and rest. I tried to sleep on my Friday night flight and I must have been sitting in an awkward position because I woke up with pain in my lower back. It continued the next day and was likely exacerbated by the mattress I slept on Saturday night. It was also 104 degrees over the weekend, so I pushed my 9-miler back to Monday.

Monday: 9 miles!

Week's mileage: 5.73 not counting Monday.


I am nervous for my upcoming 20-miler this weekend! It will be the last ultimate test before the marathon. After that I have a half-marathon and a cutback week. I have to remember that I won't be as exhausted as I am right now because I will have taken it easy the final week of training and I won't be sore. I just need to keep going!

Training is a piece of cake compared with life right now. Graham and I are about to have our lives completely changed, so a marathon is the least of my worries right now. Running has a way of putting things in perspective. It really reminds you of what you are capable of doing.

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