Tuesday, February 14, 2017

February Favorites & Goals

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Amid vacationing, family leave and taking care of business around our home, I haven't had a chance to set solid February goals or write about my recent favorites. Have I mentioned it's also my birthday month? The theme for me lately has been self-care and getting things done. It's been a month so far of catching up on things I've been meaning to do and preparing for a new season that will bring about change for our family. In the spirit of inspiration and helping others, I'm sharing this month's favorites and goals.

Shein Burgundy Glasses Print Top: I've been wearing this as much as I can. I absolutely love the color and print. I originally purchased the top to wear to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, but I didn't make it there. I will save that for our next trip to Florida to visit close friends.

Get this Harry Potter-inspired tee for only $10 here.

Wet 'n Wild Megalist Liquid Catsuit Lipsticks in Nice to Fuchsia and Mocha: These are comfortable and pigmented liquid lipsticks that stay put. Best of all: They are only $4.99. I even paid less than that. They were three for $10 at Walgreens recently. Get you some!

Mocha and Fuchsia

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette: I am about a year late to this bandwagon. Everyone I follow raves about this palette, and I finally know why. It's beautiful and the shade selection is great for both everyday looks and date-night makeup. I brought this with me on vacation and used it every single day. I love it. I notice a bit of kickback when I touch my brush to the pans but it's nothing major.

Too Faced Perfect Eyes Eyeliner: This eyeliner glides on and has great pigmentation. I am wearing it almost every day. Plus, Too Faced is cruelty-free.

February Goals:

  • Enjoy my remaining family leave. I have less than a week left of time off and I want to make sure I am as present as possible with my family. I want to relax, take care of myself (and my family) and make plans (and moves) for our future.
  • Find family-friendly activities in Chicago.
  • Get back into a fitness routine. My training for the Chicago Spring Half Marathon begins on March 1, so I need to prepare myself by working out at least three times a week. I just tried kickboxing and I am still an Orangetheory member, so this goal shouldn't be too difficult. We also just joined the local YMCA, which offers day care. Yay!
  • Make it to one group run and one yoga class. I've been neglecting my running group because it's been so cold for this Arizonan's taste. I've also been neglecting my yoga practice. I want to get back into a consistent practice. My body and mind need it.
  • Pursue more freelance writing and editing opportunities. I just finished editing a book and I was selected for what I hope will be an ongoing writing opportunity. I would love to add more opportunities to the list.
  • Search for a photo-editing course. 

What are your goals and favorites this month?